Umar Ali

About Me

Hey! 👋

I am a 2nd year engineering student @ UBC with a major in biomedical engineering and intended specialty in bioinformatics.

Outside of school, I am an electrical member @ UBC BEAR where I play with circuits/PCBs as well as a dry lab member on @ UBC iGEM for creating software solutions in synthetic biology. I also like to bother my professors about research oppurtunities in medicine.

Project Showcase


Web app to aid physicians in uploading pictures of their patients’ skin lesions, creating an open-source database of skin conditions in patients with darker skin tones. Use database in downstream machine learning algorithms, including training a DCGAN to generate even more examples of skin conditions in darker skin tones.

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Artifical Intellgience in Precision Medicine for Ovarian Carcinoma (AIPMOC). I try to build an android app that looks for cancerous regions of a cell given a pathology slide sample. It has an image recognition with attention machnine learning model. It also digitally reconstructs microscope slides.

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Stem Cell Differentiation Circuit

To investigate and engineer an intracellular differentiation circuit for pluripotent stem cells based on its spatial and temporal location. With manipulation of cellular distancing and upon activation of bone morphogenetic protein 4 (BMP4), stem cells differentiate into two regions: non-neural brachyury (BRA) and neural sex determining region Y-box 2 (SOX2) positive cells.

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I like to do lots of things within school and outside of school that don't necessarily count as projects but still are something that I want to showcase on my website. Some examples are: course certificates, school projects, and GitHub gists that I am proud of.


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